Easter meme

Sunday, April 8, 2007 at 1:20 | Posted in meme | 12 Comments

Christian threw a meme on me. It was about Easter. Since I rarely get a visit by the Osterhase, I thought I could answer the questions.

Was bedeutet Ostern für dich?

Practically nothing. I do, however, respect the memory of my late father and watch the orthodox Easter service in TV.

Feierst du Ostern bei dir zu Hause?

Other than watching the midnight service, I do not. I do not believe in what is supposed to be believed. I just respect another culture.

Was gibt es an den Feiertagen zu essen?

Whatever I happen to have at house. Just as any other day.

Versteckst du noch Osternester?


Bemalst du selbst die Eier?

No. I do not eat eggs that often. When I do, their color has no importance.

Welche Technik verwendest du?


Hast du eine bestimmte Osterhasen-Schokoladen-Marke?

I happened to buy a bottle of chocolate liquor on board M/S Vana Tallinn when traveling from Tallinn to Helsinki. That was my Osterhasen-Schokolade. Tasted fine.

Wer macht das Osterfrühstück?

Who would unless it was Yours Truly?

Bekommen die Kinder noch etwas anderes geschenkt außer Süßes?

Children? I have none. I’ll leave it to the parents of my three nieces and one nephew.

Hältst du Fastentage?

No. I do not believe in the stuff.

A voluntary takeover? Maybe Kati or Andre. And why not Thomas who has thrown a few of these Stöckhens on my door step. I would also be happy to link to Farlion but I respect that his blog is a Stöckhenfrei territory.


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  1. I love you for this sentence: “No. I do not eat eggs that often. When I do, their color has no importance.”

  2. It is a matter of taste whether to prefer eggs with brown or white shell. I like both of them. I do not need to paint them.

  3. Btw, Peter, would you like to take over the Stöckhen?

  4. I don’t know what to write. It would be similar to your answers.
    We do not do something special, because the children are with their grandparents till tuesday.
    And I never take stöckchen. The last time they wanted to see my shoes, my toilett an my fridge.
    Sometimes people woho answer “stoeckchen” make me laughing. They write down everything private in the answers but on the other hand they wpuld not even mention their real name in their blog.
    But you are a good friend and so I will answer the questions in a text but I will not give it to somebody else. So if you don’t like to break the holy stoeckchen-chain and having a old brazilian monk spitting shame on you, give the stoeckchen additionally to somebody else 🙂

  5. Do not worry, Peter. I think somebody is going to pick it up. Having a similar sense of humor, I fully understand your reasons not to co-operate. Have a nice Easter! 😉

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  7. Oh, ein mehrsprachiges Blog 😉
    Wäre es nicht konsequent, die Fragen auch zu übersetzen?

  8. Maybe but then again, I am not always consequent.

  9. That makes sense… 🙂
    There’s only one question left: Do eggs with brown shell have another taste than eggs with white shell?
    A self-experiment showed: I noticed no difference 😉

  10. Yes and no. There are differences but it very much depends on where you get the eggs. It also depends on how the chicken has been fed.

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