Happy birthday, Hanna

Sunday, April 8, 2007 at 12:33 | Posted in Personal | 4 Comments

Just remembered that the second of my three kid sisters, Hanna, has her birthday today. I am not going to tell her age, women usually do not like that. I sent her a birthday song, which can be obtained here. Just to test the new WordPress audio feature. Anyways, the original mp3 file is here, in case this does not work.



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  1. The embedded audio: no sound output, not at my computer at least. Didn’t try the mp3. (ps. congratulations to Hanna, I have a faint memory that we might have met once in Stockholm in the early eighties)

  2. I do not get the embedded file either but the mp3 file gets through. It is a new feature and I suspect it does not support all opsyses. You have Mac and I have Linux, I wonder if it could work with Win.

  3. Works like a charm with Windows. The song sounds creepy, though. 🙂

  4. I kow it does, Erik. And it is not just for technical reasons. It would certainly be of advantage if I had a voice. 😉

    So maybe the embed feature is primarily intended for Win. For the time being, it looks like there is no single way to put audio and video in blogs that everybody could read. I guess putting up as many formats as possible would be a good idea so that as few as possible would be excluded.

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