Declaration of economic interest

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 at 17:05 | Posted in helsinki, Personal | 3 Comments

Today I worked for the first day for the City of Helsinki Culture Department. So if I write something during the next eight months about the Department and this unit in particular, it might be advisable to bare in mind that they pretend to pay me some sallary and I pretend to be working for them. Alas, there may be economic interests connected to those posts. I would naturally reserve myself the right of expressing my opinion as a citizen of Helsinki.

The sad reality is that journalistic engagements on a free lance basis do not pay as much as they used to. They especially do not pay enough to meet my regular expenses although I have managed to purge everything unessential from my personal budget. The step taken today was somewhat overdue and more than necessary.

I have no reason to complain, on the contrary. The pay is not quite what it could be but at least it helps to add up some stability to my personal economy. And the work does not restrain me too much in my other activities.

Also, working odd hours is fine with me. I especially like working long hours on Sundays because it brings me double as many free hours during weekdays. There is not so much to do in this town on Sundays anyway.

I intend to keep blogging more or less as hitherto. I would not mind adding up some commercial forms to spread my texts but the idea is to have them in addtition to what appears in my different blogs, not replacing it .


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