Webcam collapsed again

Friday, April 13, 2007 at 0:54 | Posted in linux, ubuntu, webcam | 2 Comments

Yesterday I apparently received a security update of Ubuntu 6.06 dapper after which I was instructed to restart the system. After the boot my Logitech QuickCam Connect was blind. Testing with Skype I detected that the in built microphone still worked but the video drivers were gone.

The same thing happened almost exactly two months ago. Luckily, I was in my senses back then to make this little note. So all I needed was to click here and follow Mattyh’s instructions. Thanks, now I have a camera again. ūüôā

Just wandering, if this regular purge of the webcam by Ubuntu is a bug or a feature.


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  1. My computer crashed recently and i lost my webcam cd. so how do i reinstal it? i hooked it back up but i dont know where to go website wise to reinstal it.

  2. Nikki, it depends on your opsys. For Ubuntu, this instruction tends to work. If you still have Windows, my advice would be to get rid of it.

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