Deniz Yakut is a thief

Thursday, April 19, 2007 at 1:42 | Posted in Blogosphere, internet, spam, WordPress | 2 Comments

A while ago I wrote about a jerk who has set up a robot to monitor and steal contents from blogs around It looks like just about every post in blogs hosted by eventually end up being displayed together with Google ads at

When somebody steals food from your table, you would want to know who the filthy bastard is, at least. Which is exactly why I WHOISed the domain

So, Mr. Deniz Yakut in Izmir, Turkey, I wonder how you are going to feel if you detect that your bot stole this post as well. Mr Deniz Yakut, you are a filthy thief! Shame on you!

Edit: Yes indeed! He stole this one as well. ūüôā



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  1. Hey this site is not mine i have a hosting company and they bought this domain from me. i do not manage this page. ok? just it is registered to me.

  2. Your name appears as owner in the WHOIS. If you have sold the domain further why do you not expose the real thief? As a responsible ISP you would also close a site that displays stolen contents. You are living on money earned by displaying stolen contents.

    Interestingly the post with your name has been deleted from the thief’s site while all the other illegally adopted contents is still there.

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