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Friday, April 20, 2007 at 13:32 | Posted in e-mail, internet | Leave a comment

I received an offer from my ISP last month. It was printed on paper and delivered by snail mail which is a bit odd. They are an Internet service provider and the offer was about a 2 Mb connection so one would have expected it to be delivered accordingly.

The offer was satisfactory per se. I now have a shared connection for 22,90 € month. The speed is said to be up to 1 Mb/sec. I have measured it on several occasions and it has never been faster than around 700 kb. So a 2 Mb connection for 29,90 € a month sounds like a good deal.

I e-mailed them on 2nd April just to ask what I need to do to upgrade. It looked like my ISP was not interested in money because I heard nothing from them in response. That is, until this morning.

Apparently somebody had noticed that there is such a thing as the e-mail. They wrote to me that they do not seem to have my current telephone number in their records. They asked me to send it to them so we could agree on measures to be taken.

Had I wanted to conduct my business with them by phone, I would obviously have called them in the first place. So I replied that I am in the habbit of conducting my business in writing. Which is highly advisable especially when there is money involved. Both parties get the same record on what was said, unlike in case of a phone conversation.

They really seemed to have discovered the existence of e-mail. I received a reply in less than 20 minutes. They asked me to confirm by e-mail that I wish to subscribe a 2 MB web connection. They promised to “deliver the subscription ahead”, whatever that is supposed to mean.

I replied the letter immediately advising them to consider my reply as a confirmation of my subscription. Now I am just sitting back and waiting to see what is going to happen. And when it happens.


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