No smoking – no business from me

Monday, April 23, 2007 at 0:35 | Posted in Estonia, Finland, smoking | 2 Comments

Mocca and cigarettes go together, says Günter Hawelka who runs the famous Café Havelka in Vienna. His 97 year old father Leopold Havelka, the founder of the café, says that a quest who comes in just wants to mind his own business and smoke a cigarette with a cup of coffee. According to father and son Havelka, smoking in a café is a great tradition in Vienna which politicians should not put their nose in. Café Havelka is not going to obey a smoking ban if such is going to be imposed.

I am a heavy smoker but I regard myself as a considerate smoker. I do not expose somebody to smoke who obviously feels sick about it. But I would not stay in a pub or a café if smoking were banned.

A general ban on smoking in restaurants, bars and cafés is going to take effect in a couple of months both in Finland and Estonia. I feel sorry for the people running those establishments. I hope that some non smokers are going to bring them additional business. But as soon as the ban takes effect, I am only going to stay in outdoor tables. Unfortunately, that is possible in this climate only a few months of each year.

via Christian in Vienna



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  1. The owner of my favorite pub is going to close the pub right on the day when german law forbids smoking. And exactly one hour later he will open a non-public “smokers-club”. Anual fee is 10 €-cent. Non-Smokers are allowed 😉

  2. That would unfortunately not work here because the club would not be granted license to serve alcoholic beverages. I wish good luck and all success to your local smokers’ club. 😉

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