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A meme was dropped on my door step by Thomas. I picked it up and examined it. This is what I discovered.

Nutzt Du Social Bookmarking/Networking Seiten wie Digg, Yigg, Mister Wong oder Del.Icio.Us? Wenn ja, welche?

I do have a account which I did use for a while as a tool for reminding myself about stories to be returned to. It became more or less obsolete when I moved my feeds to Google Reader. I do share four folders in my Google Reader as dynamic blogrolls

Schaust Dir Videos bei Videoportalen wie YouTube, Sevenload oder DailyMotion an? Wenn ja, was für Videos guckst Du Dir meistens an?

I watch videos in YouTube, often via blogs. If I like what I see, I post the video in my own blog as well. I do not like to post my own videos in YouTube because it tends to cut them and the quality is even worse than the original. 🙂

Kennst bzw. nutzt Du Flickr?

Very little. I have uploaded three pictures. Most of my pictures are stored in my virtual server.

Was hältst Du von Diensten wie Twitter oder Frazr?

Not my pint of bitter.

Wie viele RSS-Feeds hast Du abonniert?

The number of today is 90, 70 of them blogs. The rest is mostly feeds from main stream media and a few shared feeds from my friends.

Liest Du die alle täglich?

I read all blog entries but obviously not every item from media. Much of the news is duplicated in different publications. I am selective with my sources.

In wie vielen Weblogs bloggst Du? (Eigene oder Mitautor)

It is a while since I counted last time. It must be between 6 and 8. By the way, there is a sticky rumour that one may be added soon.

Kommentierst Du in anderen Blogs? Wenn ja was?

If I have something to say on topic, sometimes even off topic. The latest at L@ssie’s:

Ilvese nimelise viina maha pillamine oleks Sul küll sündsusetu tegu. Kõnealune riiklikult tähtis vedelik on Põhjamaal asuva Jalasjärve valla Ilvesejõe küla puhtast allikaveest tehtud. Nagu Hanrahan võib hästi kinnitada on maitse meeldiv ja hakab viin toredasti pähe nagu kord ja kohus. Selle viinaga sai presidendi valimisi tähistatud, saab sellega maipühagi vastu võetud.

Wer ist Dein persönlicher “Blog-König von Deutschland”?

I am a European republican. If I were American, I would be a democrat. Ergo: there is no such a thing as the King of Germany, not even a blog king.

Gehört Weblogs Deiner Meinung nach die Zukunft oder sind sie nur ein vorübergehender Hype?

Some blogs already have a past, present and future. Interestingly, many politicians in Estonia and Finland discovered blogging just before the parliamentary election in both of the countries in March. For many of them it was a hype which became past history right after the election but some of them also continue blogging.

While many blogs are going to die out, many others will continue and a huge number of new ones are going to be started. Blogosphere as such is going to be well and alive long after broadcasting has become a marginal media. That is going to happen within the next 5 to 10 years.

Wird es Dein Blog / Deine Blogs dann auch noch geben?

Yes, if I am alive and well.

Ich werfe das Stöckchen weiter an:

Hmm. I think Schrottie could do this one. So could Peter Roskothen and Kati.


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  1. Die ganzen Fragen drumherum sind vermutlich nur Makulatur. Die einzig wichtige Frage ist die nach dem “Blogkönig”. Nach jedem größeren Diksussionshype in Kleinbloggersdorf schreien die deutschen Blogger immer nach einem Führer, König oder Vorsitzenden.

  2. Oder nach einem Generalsekretär des Zentralkomitees der SED. 😉

  3. […] 26th, 2007 Noppisin Larkolt pisikese metameemi ja et kõnealune isik on kord juba otsustanud meeminduses kakskeelset poliitikat ajada, võtan […]

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