Calm before another storm

Friday, April 27, 2007 at 22:21 | Posted in Estonia, tallinn | 1 Comment

Hundreds of Russian youngsters (although less than last night) have gathered to locations in central Tallinn. Many of them are reportedly drunken and obviously seek a conflict with the police. No major riots have taken place so far.

About 200 persons actively behaving disorderly have so far been detained last night and today. 30 of them have appeared in court and 7 have been arrested by court order. The police is attempting to prevent large crowds to gather at one single spot.

The present situation can as best be described as calm before another storm. I am going to post about the developments briefly tomorrow morning. I am going to travel to Turku tomorrow and return on line in the evening. I’ll post all essential developments and hope to be able to write a background article either during the weekend or May 1st holiday.

Edit at 23.07 local time (2007 GMT): Unfortunately I was proven right. Estonian radio news reports that the mindless mob is moving about in central Tallinn and demolishing whatever comes in their way. Shop windows are being broken and traffic signs and lights vandalized. Police estimates there are about 500 persons in the mob.


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