Riots in Tallinn

Friday, April 27, 2007 at 11:45 | Posted in Estonia, tallinn | 8 Comments

Estonian officials last night removed the Soviet monument Bronx Soldier from central Tallinn and transported it into a military cemetery into an unspecified location to be later placed in a military cemetery. The monument is under police protection. Archeologists started were supposed to start burials after remains of Soviet soldiers that are assumed to be buried where the monument was raised in 1947.

Hundreds of drunken Russian youths rioted in central Tallinn last night. According to eye witness report by Christian in Tallinn, shop windows were broken within a large area and loads of alcoholic beverages stolen by the mob.

The city government has temporarily banned sales of alcoholic beverages after 2 p.m. The National Library is temporarily closed due to damages caused by the Russian mob. Additional police forces from elsewhere in Estonia have been called to support maintaining public order in Tallinn.

President Thomas Hendrik Ilves is to appear in Estonian TV in approximately 15 minutes.

Edit: President Ilves called everybody regardless of nationality to remain rational and calm. He said he was convinced that those who performed violent acts last night will be caught and prosecuted. He urged the people to refrain from provocative acts and statements.

The situation in Tallinn is calm since early morning. However, further demonstrations are expected during the weekend.



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  2. What would u expect if ur relatives burial stone would be vandalized
    What ye saw,shall ye reap
    Shame on Estonian power!

  3. You are using the word “vandalize”, that is exactly what the mob has been doing on the streets. The monument is at one piece and it is going to be re-erected probably as early as today in a proper military cemetery instead of middle of the town where it used to be. You think breaking windows and looting shops is normal behavior?

  4. These riots are just an excuse to loot rob and cause damage.
    Can they explain how stealing from shops and business contributes to their un educated point of view!
    There is no shame in putting this statue in a proper resting place the only shame is the actions of this hopeless minority.
    These actions by the Russians show no political thinking just that of a rambling mob set on crime not on intergration.

  5. There is some evidence, however, that many of the rioters are being provoked to act the stupid way they are acting by semi official bodies in Russia. There is also hitherto unconfirmed information that a part of them have actually been payed on hourly basis to cause public disorder.

  6. More photos about “liberators”:

  7. Yes but is their agenda political? is it a sense of national pride? or is it just a perfect excuse to cause unrest and act in a lawless way? Breaking into shops to loot and burn them just proves that to steal and commit crime was the true agenda and not to put forward their point of view!

  8. Estonian, I hope those photos will end up to the web site of the Estonian police. I am not linking there because the site has been subjected to denial of service attacks, likely by the Russian FSB.

    Donohoe, many of the rioters have been recruited and paid by persons connected to Russia. They have no agenda whatsoever. Many of them do not even understand that looting shops is a crime that they may have to go to jail for.

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