Second storm

Saturday, April 28, 2007 at 5:50 | Posted in Estonia, tallinn | 3 Comments

Six members of police force and about 50 hooligans are reported to be injured during the second night of riots in central Tallinn. 300 persons are in custody. The Russian mob caused serious property damage by demolishing anything they saw and looting shops. Minor riots also took place in the north eastern Estonian towns of Jõhvi and Kohtla Järve where the majority of citizens are Russians.

According to the police, the situation in Tallinn is calm since 2 a.m. Things went out of control shortly after 10 p.m. yesterday evening. According to film director Ilmar Raag who observed the events together with Estonian TV’s camera team, the number of riot police is too small to promptly establish control.



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  1. Here in Võru town there are first signs of change, like a client in a shop who wanted to be served in Russian now. In Virumaa the first war graves of Germans and others a vandalised. It is maybe a minor or single observation, we will see the upcoming days. I’ve just arrived from Latvia. And the last Latvian I have met was a Ukrainian with a Serb father living in Valka. A quiet town were you hear Russian voices as well as Latvian. And both are happy about hockey in Moskva. The competition. A few hundred meter away from the border.

  2. I am well aware of Valga/Valka, the town split by the Estonian Latvian border. I have crossed the border on foot on several occasions, mostly legally through check points. Evil minded people accuse me of having made illegal unofficial entries across the border. They may say so but I could possibly not comment. 😉

    As far as Võru is concerned, the shops would be likely to serve customers in Võru language (Wõrõ kiiles). If you happen to meet my friend Helkiv (or Heino) just say tere. I might even watch some hockey when the serious games start some time next week.

  3. Would be interesting to hear your opinion about the reasons for the riots.

    As I would understand this German documentation:

    it looks to me like there were initially political reasons of a Russian minority for the demonstration, but that switched to drunk hooligans of all nationality when protests where ongoing.

    Am I so wrong?

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