Russia provokes national anger against Estonia

Sunday, April 29, 2007 at 2:48 | Posted in Estonia, russia, tallinn | 5 Comments

I was in Turku all day on Saturday, chairing the annual conference of the Association of Estonians in Finland. While most of the debate was about organizational and social matters, the hot topic of the unrest in Tallinn in connection with removal of the Soviet monument Bronze Soldier was briefly discussed. It was the unanimous opinion of the conference that Russia is deliberately provoking national hatred against Estonia.

Meanwhile in Tallinn, the night has been calm. The police are actively interfering if large crowds try to gather. The number of persons detained during the riots of the last couple of days is 800, according to the police.

Sales of alcoholic beverages between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. have temporarily been banned allover Estonia. Pubs and bars are allowed to serve customers. The restriction is scheduled to be lifted on 3rd may at 8 a.m.

Edit: The web site of the Estonian government is currently not accessible from abroad as it was on several occasions attacked yesterday. Crackers placed Russian language messages against the government on the site.



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  2. Like this video shows, it seems to be, that the Estoinian police was not acting like it should be.

  3. It is always easy to criticize the police in a riot control situation. What would you suggest them to do in a situation like this and this?

  4. Here is 10 minutes of quality footage on those events.

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