An arrogant statement

Monday, April 30, 2007 at 18:31 | Posted in Estonia, russia, tallinn | Leave a comment

A delegation of the Russian State Duma is visiting Tallinn and is hosted by the Estonian Parliament. The delegation met today among others with representatives of the Parliament’s Foreign and Defense Committees. While the title of this blog has “shameless remarks” in it, I would never publish anything as arrogant as the statement of Mr. Nikolai Kovaljov, the leader of the Russian delegation.

Mr. Kovaljov called for nothing less than the resignation of the Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip! It is one thing that I find some of Mr. Ansip’s policies questionable. While he and his cabinet have generally managed the current crisis well, there may be one or two details to deserve criticism.

That said, Mr Kovaljov seems to have forgotten something very elementary, sitting on his high horses as he is. Estonia is an independent country, not a Russian province. The Estonian government is subject to confidence of the Estonian Parliament, not the Russian Duma! Members of Parliament demanding the government or the Prime Minister of another country to resign should ask themselves what they are doing in politics in the first place.

As for the Bronze Soldier, it has been erected in the military cemetery of Tallinn today and is accessible by the general public and indeed the delegation lead by Mr Kovaljov. The official opening ceremony of the monument is going to take place on May 8th and representatives of the allied countries fighting against the nazis (i.e. Russia, Great Britain, USA and France) have been invited. Part of the remains of Soviet soldiers buried in the former down town location of the monument have been recovered. They will be re-buried with due ceremonies once the bodies have been identified in accordance to international treaties.


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