Background of the Bronze Soldier

Monday, April 30, 2007 at 8:29 | Posted in Estonia, russia, tallinn | Leave a comment

I have wanted to write a background article about the recent riots in Tallinn but due to a busy weekend I have not had a chance to do it. I was planning to write the article tonight or tomorrow. I now detect that my friend Jaanus has written a well balanced and thorough article on the subject. As I agree on every word he wrote, I feel that there is no reason to duplicate his writing. I sincerely recommend everybody to read what Jaanus wrote, that is if you really want to learn the Estonian view of the historical truth.

I might add that the post stalinistic Russian government is acting utterly hypocritically in this particular issue. Similar monuments have been removed in several Russian cities with less respect than is being shown by the Estonian government. So the real issue is not the monument but their wish to attack Estonia which Russia still regards as its own back yard. Hence, the Russian media does not publish the truth about the events and their background. Unfortunately, many Russians living in Estonia mainly receive news and information through the Russian media.

The Russian police have generally no problem stopping peaceful oppositional demonstrations against their own government in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia. I do not therefore believe that they would be unable to stop the vandalizing of the Estonian embassy in Moscow which has been taking place these last days. According to latest news, about 600 persons are surrounding the embassy building and throwing stones at it. Nobody is able to enter or exit the building.

This comment added to my earlier post demonstrates how people may be thinking who have not access to proper and truthful information. Just as if looting and vandalizing would be a normal thing to do when you disagree with something. May I also point out that the Bronze Soldier is intact and is likely to be erected in the military cemetery in Tallinn as early as today?

The EU should support Estonia and urge Russia to immediately stop provoking any violent actions. Recognizing historical facts could be a first step but I guess the Russian government is less than interested in plain truth.


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