Slow start of the Ice-hockey World Champs tournament

Saturday, May 5, 2007 at 16:04 | Posted in Ice hockey, Sports | 1 Comment

This year’s Ice-hockey World Championship tournament has been going on for quite a while in Moscow but I have so far not felt much of an interest to watch the games. As I wrote last year, the tournament only gets interesting when the qualifying round is about to end. We are not quite there yet so the games so far have been more or less warming up for the real sport.

I am now watching my first game of this year. The first period between USA and Germany has been played. The US team is leading by 1-0 which pretty well reflects the action on ice, or the lack of it.

Germany has had three chances for power play but their efforts have so far turned out to be ineffective. Disallowing the German goal was a disputable decision by the referee. Unless the young German team is able to play better than this, the Americans are going to win this one.

I switched on my TV just to get used to it. Once the qualifying round is over, I am looking forward to seeing some good hockey. The tournament really starts when there are just eight teams fighting for the title.

I still think there are far too many teams taking part in the tournament. The eight weakest teams just do not hold the standard of the highest division.


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