An unfortunate goal

Sunday, May 6, 2007 at 20:55 | Posted in Ice hockey, Sports | 2 Comments

Sweden is leading 1-0 after two periods in the classic game. Apart from the first four minutes of the first period, Finland was in control of the game most of the period. Sweden scored a lucky goal at 15.53.

Defense player  Johan Åkerman was just trying to flop the puck behind the Finnish goal after a face off. It was headed meters away from the goal but Finland’s goalie Kari Lehtonen unfortunately put his glove in front of the puck which bounced right into the goal. It was a very unfortunate goal in an otherwise even game.

There were lots of penalties in the second period. Finland was maybe slightly more active. The shots after two periods are 20 for Finland and 14 for Sweden.

I have finished my coffee and sandwiches. I hope to see at least two Finnish goals and not a single Swedish one. That would justify the drink of vodka I wrote about in the last post. If the unfortunate goal should turn out to be a match desider, I would be pissed off.



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