Ice-hockey classic about to start

Sunday, May 6, 2007 at 19:04 | Posted in Ice hockey, Sports | 3 Comments

As I wrote yesterday, the Ice-hockey World Championship tournament has so far had a slow start. This is much thanks to the fact that there are too many teams participating to make the initial phase of the games interesting. Apart from USA-Germany, I saw half of Finland-Italy yesterday. Neither of the games were very splendid ice-hockey because there was never any doubt about which team would win each of the games.

A tournament classic is going to kick off within about 10 minutes. While both Finland and Sweden are certain to be promoted to final rounds and it does not really matter which team is going to win the group, there is always some extra tension in games between Finland and Sweden. A final between the two would be my dream (with the same result as 1995 ūüėČ ) but this may very well be their last game against each other this spring.

So my TV is on, I have a pot of coffee and sandwiches waiting. If the result is good enough, I may have a reason to drink something stronger than that:



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  2. Have you ever tried disqus for your commenting system? I been using it but it feels it slows down my website . I am asking this to you since your site has been around for a while and you might be better at this .

  3. As you may know, comes with the package as is so I do not need to figure out things like that.

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