Joost does not support freeware

Sunday, May 6, 2007 at 1:00 | Posted in linux, Media, TV | 6 Comments

While I do almost not watch TV at all, I thought it was cool and interesting to give a try to Joost. Their concept is definitely a useful tool to manage the little of TV I would be interested in. So when Kristjan Otsmann wrote that he had practically an unlimited amount of Joost invitations to give away, I took him for the word (thanks, Kristjan 🙂 ). In addition to Kristjan’s invitation, I received another one today from somebody whose name does not immediately ring a bell (thank you, too).

Clicking to the link brought me an unpleasant surprise, though. There is a “Joost for Windows” and a “Joost for Mac” available as beta but not a word about “Joost for Linux”. As much as I surfed the web site, I did not detect a word of even intentions to provide a Linux version. I do understand that providing support for the major commercial platforms is a priority but I would have at least expected a short note that they were working on support for freeware. Apparently not so.

Joost may very well be cool and it may very well bring a new dimension to watching TV but it is not cool enough to motivate me to buy a Mac. I would not even consider going back to Windows, having finally managed to bring my business out of there after all these years. So as far as I am concerned, Joost can keep their stuff until they issue a Linux support.



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  1. It’s always the same… They don’t know enough about penguins. Unfortunately penguins live prevailing on the southern half of the globe, while we linux-users do on the other half where such superfluous specimen like KNUT live.

  2. Indeed, Peter, Knut is probably using Linux to write his blog. 😉

    Since Joost is run by the same people who are running Skype, I think they have something principal against open source. The recently released Skype for Linux 1.4. alfa has approximately the same features as Skype for Windows 3.2 which was released last year. So I guess they are eventually going to release a very basic Joost for Linux but it will take time and by then Joost for Windows and Mac have already been developed miles ahead.

  3. And off course there will be a very fast growing community developing a free joost-clone which is as easy to use as lots of other linux.-applications. Just download the source code, compile a new kernel and it’s nearly done. All you have to do else, is to download some binaries which have to be compiled into the root-server-system using some secret unix-commands. Okay, it will niot work with modern graphic-cards and the sound will be grammophone-mono, but: Linux is much better than Windows! 😉

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  5. This has so far not happened with Skype. I suppose nobody has troubled to crack the source code. 🙂

    Anyways, I can live without TV so I can live without Joost as well. And yes, Linux is absolutely brilliant while the other system is [insert the insult of your choice].

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