Will Sarkozy change something?

Monday, May 7, 2007 at 1:20 | Posted in Election, Politics | 3 Comments

So France has elected a new president. Nicholas Sarkozy beat Segolene Royal like I cautiously predicted after the first round. So what?

Should we be happy about the outcome? Or perhaps unhappy? I do not know. In fact, I do not think there would have been a big difference if the result had been the reverse.

Both candidates have promised a change. A change to what, one might ask. All politicians promise to change things when they run for office. A candidate saying that things are well and should stay the way they are does usually not get elected.

Whoever gets elected may or may not undertake some changes. And the candidates running to succeed them will say that things are not good and further changes need to be made. Most changes are pretty unimportant and mainly cosmetic. That is because most governments have very little choice with running their countries.

As long as I can remember – and that is quite a bit because I was born before Charles de Gaulle was the president of France – most changes in France have happened as a part of and initiated by the changes in Europe and the World. And almost nothing has changed in the context that France and the French are just as different from most other Europeans now as they have always been. And that is not likely to change, nor would have been likely to change in case of Segolene Royal’s victory.

So Nicholas Sarkozy is the French president elect. So what? I do not think he is going to deliver the change he promised. Not much of it anyway.



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  1. Nicolas 🙂

  2. They can use a smaller presidential limo for sure.

  3. How about a presidential bicycle?

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