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Monday, May 14, 2007 at 20:56 | Posted in internet, Personal | 1 Comment

As I wrote this morning, I had a serious discussion with my ISP today. It was not exactly as I would have been saying that I am professional killer but I’ll kill them free of charge because I like them. But I did say some less than admiring words with a pleasant smile on my face.

When I came home for an hour ago, I detected that my connection was up. There was also an e-mail from the provider. Both their own personnel and somebody from the stem network had visited the switchboard in the cellar of our house and according to them, they were able to detect my line using their own router but the link to my router did not rise. They said my router did not support the latest modulations so they changed the parameters to a somewhat older version.

If that is the case, I just wonder how come my old slower connection worked just fine with those parameters. But I really do not care who is right or wrong as long as the connection is up and running. It does not matter what color the cat is if it keeps catching mice.

It is going to take some time to catch up with things I have missed these last five days. I’ll be back to the normal business of shameless blogging when I am done with it.

A special thanks to Peter for  cheering up and supplying me with essential info while my own presence in the World Wide Village was considerably limited.


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