Get the hell out of here

Thursday, May 17, 2007 at 14:23 | Posted in internet, web 2.0. | 9 Comments

I created a number of accounts for about five years ago for sending SMS messages for free. One of them sent me an e-mail today saying that somebody wanted to become my friend.

Becoming my friend is not that complicated. One only needs to have a contact with me. And I need to feel that the person has something in common with the stuff between my two ears.

I also have a MySpace account. It is mainly to keep the good name of Larko occupied. Somebody sent me an friend request. I am not linking to their site so I just ask you to believe that it was mainly spam.

Message to spammers: get the hell out of here and do not return!



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  1. I like this part most:

    And I need to feel that the person has something in common with the stuff between my two ears.

    But if the name of this person is Natasha, and Natasha is about 19 years old, I would suggest to say legs instead of ears.But for sure I can only speak for myself.

  2. Congrats for having just written comment number 1300, Peter! 🙂

  3. Why not`It’s free 🙂

  4. What I really miss in your blog is a function which informs me every time a new comment has been added.

  5. Now I signed in for the comments-feed.

  6. I am glad you did, Peter. The comment RSS feed is at the moment the only way available for a reader to subscribe for the comments. I get the e-mail notification.

    Unfortunately, there is no special prize for comment number 1300. Let us see if I am going to be able to fix something for number 2000.

  7. Must I start tonight with the other approx. 680 comments?

  8. No rush, Peter. The comment I am typing right now is number 1307 so I guess it will take a while before we get there. 🙂

  9. […] wäre also sicherlich eine gute Idee, mal in Larkos Weblog vorbeizuschauen und die Kommentare in ungeahnte Höhen zu […]

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