Cyber attacks against Estonia

Sunday, May 20, 2007 at 23:16 | Posted in crime, Estonia, eu, internet, russia, terrorism | 2 Comments

Jose Nazario writes about the ongoing Ddos attacks against Estonia (via Peeter Marvet):

We’ve seen 128 unique DDoS attacks on Estonian websites in the past two weeks through ATLAS. Of these, 115 were ICMP floods, 4 were TCP SYN floods, and 9 were generic traffic floods. Attacks were not distributed uniformly, with some sites seeing more attacks than others

Jose’s access to inside records of ATLAS allows him to deliver detailed technical info on the measure of the force behind these attacks against the Estonian government, media, banks and other businesses.

On May 9th, the F-Secure blog posted a number of interesting screen shots, among them this one of a Russian hacker site, offering Denial-of-Service tools crafted for attacking Estonia:

Somebody really seems to be out there to get a country. Luckily, though, the EU commission president Jose Manuel Barroso made it clear right in the face of dictator Putin of Russia that an attack against one member country of EU is an attack against all of EU.

As F-Secure concludes their post:

We probably haven’t seen the end of these attacks yet.

Alas, Führer Putin and his SS are likely to continue their illegal actions.



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  1. Tell it like it is. Don’t pull any punches.

    I seriously believe that this is what the internet should be doing.

  2. Sure, truthfully but right from the heart.

    By the way, the Internet does not tell things. People do, using the Internet. 😉

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