So far so good

Sunday, May 20, 2007 at 11:28 | Posted in internet, Personal, Web tools | 2 Comments

I have now had my web connection back for almost a week. It has so far worked without any problem whatsoever. Today I decided to make the first test of the speed:

As this test result (courtesy of the Estonian tele operator Elion) shows, it is plausible to believe that the connection speed is indeed the 2 Mbps as promised by my ISP. So far so good but I am going to repeat the test occasionally using different measuring services readily available in the web.



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  1. Nevertheless this table shows nothing. Right? 🙂

  2. Yes and no, Peter. The percenteges show nothing about the connection speed. They appear in the screen as the test is being performed by up- and downloading a file. They reflect the progress of the test itself.

    The bottom line is important. It says that the connection speed (based on a calculation of the upload and download speed) is between 1,9 and 2,3 Mbps. This one measurement says very little about my actual connection speed. I need to repeat it frequently also using other tools than this one. Luckily, there are plenty of on line connection speed measurement tests available in the web.

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