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Monday, May 28, 2007 at 23:32 | Posted in google, internet, rss feeds | 8 Comments

This has never happened before. There is not a single unread item in my Google Reader. At the moment I have 95 subscriptions, 16 of them big media outlets that almost publish an item a minute. The rest is blogs.

Either there is nothing happening out there in the World or I have been working hard to get up to date.



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  1. Could it be that it’s a holiday? At least it is here in Norway…. Holidays always let’s me catch up, also because the newsworld has little of matter to report.

  2. It is a working day here (although I had a day off). Besides, my feeds are generated allover the World so they should not be holiday specific.

  3. It’s Pentecost and Memorial Day on the same day. Either this explains it… or you read too fast.

  4. Not a chance for the last option. I usually have hundreds of unread items in the reader, at the moment only 7. I have managed to come down to zero twice after publishing this post.

  5. It just means you’re reading too few stuff. Why don’t you just read the full feed of the complete web? ūüėČ

  6. You could discern between the headlines and the whole hakkuba…..;-)

  7. It is not exactly as if I were claiming to have read every word of all the Internet. The “problem” has been solved by now: there are hundreds of unread items again. Business as usual, I guess.

  8. […] has only happened once before, for two months ago. Having worked hard like that, I deserve a […]

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