Note to my friends

Sunday, June 3, 2007 at 14:37 | Posted in Personal, skype | 1 Comment

On a Sunday afternoon like today, I have very little to do at the job. Today is even quieter than usual. Which is why I am asking my friends to help me out with the presence that I can nevertheless not avoid.

If you know my Skype user ID or the land line number connected to it, please give me a call. I will be on line till 6 p.m local time (15.00 GMT) today Sunday 3rd June 2007. I may be off computer once in a while (for no longer than 10 minutes at the time). In such case, just leave a message and I’ll call back to you.

If you do not know my Skype ID or the number and you feel like you should know, I am happy to give you the info. Just drop me an e-mail. Assuming you know my e-mail address.


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  1. hi larko, not really a comment more an advice: skype beta 2.0 is able to show VIDEO. the video on my new system fedora 8 with the gspca driver (I told you) works. but I have major trouble with the audio recording in skype. so try this out:

    there is also a fine new driver for usb-cams ( but it doesn’t works so well with logitech cameras… because there is a bug in the logitech firmware…

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