Against the gas pipeline

Tuesday, June 5, 2007 at 12:50 | Posted in Environment | 6 Comments

I do not usually sign petitions. This time I made an exception. I do not like the idea of a gas pipeline in the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

If you feel the same, you can sign the petition here.

via Kristjan Otsmann



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  1. What is the alternative?

  2. The alternative? I guess it would be the pipeline not being placed on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. It is not like something would depend on the pipeline.

  3. It was not meant as a joke or impunity. I am really curious about the options? Gas line on the Baltic Sea…. around the Baltic sea and through Finland? Alternative energy? What is the worry with the bottom of the Baltic? Fear of pollution?

  4. I did not think you were joking, Geirsan. I am far from an expert but Russians are not known for making this sort of stuff securely. Also, the need for that gas pipeline is far from clear. What the petition says is that the effects for the environment should be thoroughly investigated before it is going to be put on the bottom of the sea.

  5. I understand and will sign. Hope a Norwegian voice will bli counted.

  6. Ja, vi elsker dette landet. ūüėČ

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