Finland: parliament’s new voting system is a trash

Friday, June 15, 2007 at 5:50 | Posted in Finland, it | Leave a comment

The voting system of the Finnish parliament was, according to Helsingin Sanomat supposed to be replaced during the parliament’s summer recess. Installation of the new system has been postponed by one year. The reason is that those brand new devices won’t work!

The MP’s are going to get desktop terminals through which they can vote, ask for floor and report their presence. They can also follow the agenda of the session. The system also includes a WLAN which would allow the parliamentarians to use their laptops in the chamber.

A group of conscripts tested the new system in the basement of the parliament during the spring. It turned out that the system could not handle several votes within a short period. It frequently slowed down and even collapsed. Also, the voting results were not always correct.

The parliamentary committee in charge of office and logistics of the house demands the supplier TietoEnator to fix the bugs during the autumn. Unfortunately for the MP’s, the system can only be installed during a parliamentary recess because the installation works would interfere with the parliamentary proceedings. Alas, a delay of a year is evident.

I just hope that the old system is not going to crash meanwhile. Then again, it would perhaps serve the parliamentarians well if they had to stand up when they vote or want to address each other rather than push a button. I motion to motion. ūüėõ


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