Excessive computer?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 at 22:14 | Posted in computer, Personal | 2 Comments

Earlier today my laptop issued a warning that the battery was about to exhaust and I should save my work or go to power usage. I was wondering what that was all about because as far as I knew I was already running on AC power. It turned out after a closer look that a wire was sitting a bit loose and I did not notice this before the warning. It was good per se that this did not happen just before I was going somewhere where I would have needed to run the laptop with battery power. The battery is now loaded.

A moment ago a broken light bulb caused half my flat to go dark. It said pop and I then smelled smoke which was not coming from a cigarette forgotten in an ashtray. Apart from lights off, the radio went silent. So did my desktop computer.

It took me a few minutes to fix the problem. No need to change fuse because we had some repairs done a couple of years ago so now there is a table in the hall where you just need to turn a couple of switches. It is simple enough that even I can manage it.

Having taken care of the problem, I was able to continue wrighting the e-mail which was interrupted by the mishap. Luckily I was writing it with my laptop that immediately backed up with the battery. Now I am asking myself what the hell I need the desktop computer for.



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  1. I had another technical problem :(, I deleted your latest comment on estland.blogspot.com . I was using the Korean blogger version, that was not a good idea.

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll post it again. ūüėČ

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