Oops! When something goes wrong

Friday, June 22, 2007 at 18:23 | Posted in internet | Leave a comment

I have had my share of access problems to the Internet. I am a patient person of my nature so I am not rushing to change my business to another ISP. Apart from these mishaps, their service works fine most of the time. Since the latest (I hope the last) incident I have had no reason to complain.

While being cut from the web was a personal catastrophy for me due to my web based way of life, at least those problems did not effect my blogs being seen by the few people who oddly enough are interested in reading them. I avoid having all my eggs in one basket. I have blogs and sites hosted in many places allover the web. If one host gets a problem, I can rely on another to be still present in the virtual space.

Since May last year my Estonian blog is being published in two parrallel sites. I am considering to make similar arrengements with my other blogs as well. If one site happens to be down I can still publish my thoughts when they are still fresh and those who want to read them can access them in one site or the other, preferably both, of course.

When a hoster gets an unexpected hardware problem it is more than a minor catastrophy. It is bad for their own business to start with. A number of other sites relying on their services also get effected. It is so irritating when your blog can not be accessed.

It would no doubt be nice if we could have an Internet without problems. On the other hand, that would soon constitute a status quo. Ironically, all those crashes and mishaps contribute to the development of this infrastructure.

All we need to do is to learn from mistakes, preferably mistakes of other people. Every problem has a solution and in a best case we learn to avoid the disaster happening again. Errare humanum est perseverare diabolicum!


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