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Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 3:14 | Posted in Blogosphere, internet, web 2.0. | Leave a comment

As I wrote the other night, my friend Peter Wilhelm S. has been working his butt off these last days to build up the web site for, a project to promote the blogs that in our opinion belong to the better part of the blogosphere. I am happy to note that the blog is on line since almost a couple of hours. The first three good blogs have thus been introduced.

I was not at all surprised to learn that the first entry by Peter W would be Basic Thinking by Robert Basic. Robert’s blog belongs to the very fundamental basics of the German language blogosphere that you are bound to bump in to if you read German blogs at all. Many new web 2.0. trends regularly come to the German language room explicitly through Robert. The blog is a must read if you want to know what is happening in the German blogosphere, thus also a part of my dynamic blogroll.

Peter Roskothen is a photographer so it was not surprising that he would choose to write his first entry about a photo blog. I was not familiar with look-s before. As Peter R. writes, Jens Hoffmann of Bonn has managed to capture strong contrasts in his black and white photos that often have buildings as a motive. Definitely a blog to have an eye on.

My first entry was not a difficult choice. I am a regular reader of Jaanus on the Internet since day one of the blog. I also regularly read Jaanus’s Estonian blog Jaanuse asjad. What I like about his blogging most is that he puts less than average of emotion in his posts and that much more of rational balance.

Now that has been kicked off, the three of us are looking forward to hearing your response. You can also drop us a suggestion if you happen to know a good (German or English language) blog which you think should receive broader attention than hitherto. All suggestions are appreciated and will be thoroughly considered.

Happy blogwatching!


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