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Tuesday, June 26, 2007 at 5:08 | Posted in web 2.0., youtube | 2 Comments

Did you know all those facts about web 2.0 spelled out in this video (YouTube)? I did not. I had a general idea and I am not at all surprised but I certainly did not know the numbers.

What am I talking about? Karl Fisch an Scott McLeod are teachers who use web 2.0. in and outside their classroom. This video presents facts about the environment children should be prepared to enter after school. It also asks if the education system can deliver what is needed to cope with the World of tomorrow. And not just the American education, the topic is global. As Karl Fisch explains, introducing the updated version of the video:

I (and Scott) had two main goals. First, I wanted to make it less us (as in U.S.) versus them. That wasn’t my intent in the original, but it certainly could be interpreted that way. It still includes some of the U.S./China/India statistics, because we felt those were indicative of the “shifts” that are occurring, but it avoids words like “we” and “they.” But we want all kids to be successful, whether they are in the U.S., India, China or somewhere else. We believe these ideas and conversations should be occurring globally, and we hope this helps contribute to that conversation.

The video takes 8 minutes and 19 seconds to watch but I promise you it is time well spent if you have any interest towards web 2.0. and education. The video presentation is intended as an introduction to further discussions. One place for that discussion is the Shift happens wiki.

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  1. The video was really cool 🙂 Great statistics tooo 😉

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