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In January this year I wrote about EuroBillTracker, a site for tracking the circulation of euro bills. I inserted the above photo of a 10 € bill. It is note number T22095445XXX from Ireland printed at Banc Ceannais na hÉireann in Dublin. The bill landed in my wallet as change as I bought a bottle of vodka in the local liquor store.

This morning I received an e-mail notification from the EuroBillTracker saying that the very same bill I happened to shoot the photo of has been entered at the site by somebody in Ericeira, Portugal. The 10 € note has traveled 3356 kilometers in 171 days. This was just my 7th hit on notes entered and the first international hit.

The longest distance my notes have hitherto been seen was 309 kilometers. A fiver I entered at the site was entered by somebody in the town of Seinäjoki near the west coast of Finland 650 days earlier. I never really believed I would be able to get hits much further away than that but this hit from Portugal made the maximum distance more than 10 times as long.

And amazingly this happened with the random note that I took out of my wallet and made a photo of. This is evidence enough that euro is a true international currency and the bills do indeed circulate. It also adds up to my motivation to keep up the hobby of tracking my bills. You never know what interesting incidents may show up in the future.



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