Giving Joost a chance

Wednesday, June 27, 2007 at 8:10 | Posted in Media, TV | 2 Comments

A while ago I was cursing the brand new TV on demand in the web service Joost for not providing a Linux support. I have since bought a laptop with Windows XP pre-installed. Although I installed Ubuntu 7.04 in the laptop, I left the Windows partition intact to be able to use some tools that do not support Linux.

This morning I decided to give Joost a chance and installed the software in my Windows partition. The install was smooth and easy. My 512 MB memory is on the edge of sufficient but I had no problem running Joost.

The programmes available in most of the channels are crap as most of television is just crap. I did, however, find some interesting documentaries. I watched a documentary on the Berlin wall in Off the Fence Docs channel. Reuters Technology Week in Reuters channel also looks interesting.

So I am not likely to become a daily user of Joost but I just may watch a programme every now and then just like my minimal use of the traditional TV has been so far. That is going to end in a few months as analogue TV transmissions are going to be discontinued in Finland. I hope to be able to still watch the Estonian TV (very few programmes there as well) and occasionally top up with Joost.

I do not know if Joost still requires an invitation to join (I got mine from Kristjan Otsmann, thanks Kristjan). I seem to have the chance to invite people, however. I do not know how many invitations I am allowed to send but I have so far sent none. So if there is somebody who would like to receive a Joost invitation, just drop a comment below and I’ll send it as long as I have any of them left.



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  1. Yeah, please use one of your invitations on me – I need to see what all the fuss is about….

  2. Done! ūüėČ

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