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Saturday, June 30, 2007 at 23:13 | Posted in Blogosphere, internet, web 2.0. | Leave a comment

As it is Saturday today, presented another three blogs this morning. Peter Roskothen is a photographer himself so it is no wonder that he chose to present another photo blog. His blog of the week is Jezblog by the New York based English photographer Jez Coulson. Peter writes that Jez’s passion to capture the famous yellow cabs of New York is a reason per se to visit the blog. You would find plenty of other themes covered in the blog, though.

Peter Wilhelm makes a big favor for us Linux users by introducing Suzans Lust & Frust mit Linux by Susanne Vestner-Ludwig. The blog covers every practical problem an average Linux user would face on an everyday basis. Ubuntu users have most to benefit by reading this blog. Linux users reading German should absolutely bookmark this blog or subscribe to the feed.

My choice of the week is The Fischbowl by Karl Fisch, the Director of Technology of Arapahoe High School near Denver, Colorado. In addition to preparing their students for studies in college/university, the school has committed to providing the kids with fluent command of tools and applications necessary in the 21st century learning environment. As a part of this commitment, blogs are regarded as an extension of the classroom.

Three cool blogs were presented today. I have a hunch about which blog to write about next week but I am not spelling it out too early. I am also looking forward to let myself be surprised by my two colleagues Peter and Peter. If you want to watch those blogs you just need to tune in next Saturday.

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