Seven facts meme

Monday, July 2, 2007 at 17:58 | Posted in Blogosphere, meme | 5 Comments

Helena threw a meme at me. I am supposed to tell seven facts about myself and forward the meme to another seven bloggers.

I am a bit cautious about publishing too much info about myself at one place. I think I can pull this out by mostly giving out facts that have already appeared elsewhere in the web. I may even squeeze in one or two hitherto unknown facts.

1. I live in eastern Helsinki.

2. I used to live in Sweden for a few years in early 1980’ies.

3. I am a member of the Estonian Journalist Union.

4. I am writing this post using a HP Compaq nx 6310 laptop.

5. A 10 € bill that I entered in EuroBillTracker surprisingly turned up in Portugal . Tracking euro notes is a hobby of mine.

6. I like to visit the Rakvere theater. Last time was far too long ago.

7. I like beer. I bet that was a surprise for many people reading this. 😛

I challenge the following seven people to pick up this meme: Tiia, Niinuska, Vesa, Liisa Jaakonsaari, Olev Vaher, Geirsan and Thomas.

The original post in my Finnish blog

Edit: The Portuguese hit turned out to be a fake. It is still a fact that tracking euro notes is my hobby.



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  1. Why the caution, Larko? It’s a discussion I find really interesting, and had to think through it a few weeks ago when my blogging entered a new, more active and outwardly phase.
    You don’t inform us much about your policy in your blog(s).
    And now to the meme…..

  2. Opps. Sorry. I just found you disclaimer… No explanation needed. But a discussion on “why” is always welcome…

  3. Let us just say that there is enough personal info about all of us in different data bases that we do not even necessarily know of. I do not have many big secrets but I like the idea that anybody wanting to find out anything about me has to do a full day’s work with googling. 😉

  4. :-D. That is the best argumented policy I’ve ever heard.

  5. […] tegin. Et mu seitsmiku hulgas oli rahvusvahelist seltskonda, tegin asja isegi nii soome kui ka inglise keeles […]

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