The Portugese hit was a fake!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007 at 19:12 | Posted in Communities and cool stuff | 5 Comments
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The EuroBillTracker hit on a 10 € note that I wrote about the other day turned out to be a fake. As you can read in this EuroBillTracker forum thread, somebody in Portugal apparently read the serial number of the bill in my blog post and passed it over to their friend who was a EuroBillTracker. The short code of the note entered in Portugal did not match with the note.

It never even crossed my mind that somebody would want to cheat the tracking site. Doing that takes all the fun off the activity. I therefore did not even think that I should not publish the full serial number in the web. I have now anonymized it in both posts.

The stats have no importance for me so I am not tracking my euro bills to get some sort of community fame and appear high at the statistics. I would have no chance to do so either as very little cash is passing my hands. I am interested in learning of the origin of the notes that I encounter and a hit every now and then adds some salt to the hobby. But they would obviously have to be genuine hits, anything else is out of the question.

So this bill apparently still circulates somewhere in Europe. It would be cool if somebody actually entered it at the site who really has it in their possession.



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  3. Hi Larko,
    I was the one with that hit, i already explained what happend as a reply to your post, but fortunately for me, since until now, i just have hits in Portugal, i thought it was fantastic having a hit with Finland, so a digged the url to know more about the bill and the user and i`ve found the bill number there, it was a huge coincidence, so i`ve promptly emailed the EBT support team to check it for me, because like you i rather prefer having a few hits in the neighborhood but real than having a long distance hit but fake.
    Even so i`ve checked with my friend and he told me that the only thing it could happened was that he could copyed the number wrongly, what happened i don`t know, what i know is that since i`havent seen the note the correct thing was NOT registering it. For all the inconvenience my appologises.
    Best regards

  4. Suntzu, as the forum thread shows, you did the right thing in setting the truth afoot. Both of us seem to have learned our lesson: I am not going to publish full serial numbers and you enter bills that you actually hold at your hand.

    It would of course be cool if this particular bill were to appear at the tracking site the legitimate way. Anyways, I am looking forward to a real hit from Portugal and elsewhere in Europe. Enjoy tracking the notes, so will I. 🙂

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