The mission of truth

Thursday, July 5, 2007 at 4:44 | Posted in Blogosphere, Freedom of speech, Germany, internet | 2 Comments

Schott’s Blog, which I have enjoyed reading as one of the critical voices from Germany, is about to close. The reasons to this decision are connected to the German Impressumspflicht, an obligation imposed on owners of web sites, bloggers included, to publish their contact credentials in the web, the home address included (see my earlier posts here and here. The rules make it possible to intimidate a critical blogger by legal means and also makes it easier for stalkers of all sorts to get a physical access to a blogger.

Farlion comments Schott’s Blog’s decision by admitting that he has considered to do the same but decided to go on with his critical blog(s). Farlion notes that the main stream media in Germany is toothless and does not publish critical coverage of the actions taken by elected politicians. According to Farlion, the media has accepted that it is more comfortable to cover politics without criticism.

Farlion also points out that the political blogs are the only media in Germany to deliver critical views and without blogs there would not be a real public opposition. He goes on to note that the German people were widely criticized after World War II for failing to stop Hitler:

Ich will mir später einfach nicht nachsagen lassen, dass ich ja alles kritiklos hingenommen hätte. Nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg wurde den Deutschen immer wieder eine Frage gestellt: “Warum habt ihr nichts dagegen unternommen?”

Diese Frage möchte ich mir irgendwann in der Zukunft einfach nicht stellen müssen. Und darum bleibe ich auch beim politischen Bloggen, auch wenn es mir zeitweise zugegeben etwas schwer fällt.

So Farlion goes on to blog, in spite of occasional motivational difficulties but Schott is going to let a part of his contents be visible for an undefined period before eventually closing for good. I am sorry to learn about this since there are not too many good blogs around that would speak up and let the truth be told. Critical bloggers have a mission, the mission of truth.



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  1. Larko

    I’m contacting with the reality of how bad is blogging in Germany and the legal consequences that are worst than in Portugal. Marcel from Germany said to me as I don’t speak or read German at all that I could come here to know the reality of Germany. I’m asking to you if I’m allowed to translate some parts of your posts for Portuguese. I want that blogger Portuguese comunity know the realities inside Europe and later outside. As you know now we have a big issue because of the suite of defamation that our Prime-Minister had done against a Portuguese blogger.

    You can e-mail me if you want.

    Many thanks


  2. Thanks, Paulo. I’ll write to you about it.

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