Orgasms promote European film

Sunday, July 8, 2007 at 20:32 | Posted in eu, youtube | 2 Comments
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MEDIA is a EU project dedicated to promoting and supporting European film. The project has produced a promotional video featuring orgasms in a number of European films.

I happen to have written about incidents of censorship by YouTube these last couple of days. The orgastic promotion video has gotten more than 3 million hits and 665 comments. It has been favoreted by more than 3000 users. I do not think they would appriciate it if YouTube were to apply their double chastity standards on this clip.

via Janne Saarikko


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  1. The video was produced under supervision from European commission wannabe-popular Margot Wallström, what do you expect? This is like politicians here getting away with smoking pot, possession of unregistered weapon, firing of said weapon, beating of wife panicking at sight of said weapon, drunk driving, etc. It’s not like the law would apply to politicians now, surely?

  2. Ms Wallström beating her wife? 😛

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