Is that me?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007 at 3:42 | Posted in Not serious, Personal, web tests | Leave a comment

I just took another web test, this time something as personal as my alleged personality. Some of the statements may indeed fit in me but the last sentence does certainly not. At least not when I feel that my work at hand is interesting and important.

My Personality









Openness To Experience










You are introverted, reserved, and quiet with a preference for solitude and solitary activities. Your socializing tends to be restricted to a few close friends. Stressful and frustrating situations can sometimes be upsetting to you, but you are often able to get over these feelings and cope with these situations. Novelty, variety, and change spice up your life and make you a curious, imaginative, and creative person. You have some concern with others’ needs, and are generally pleasant, sympathetic, and cooperative. You like to live for the moment and do what feels good now. Your work tends to be careless and disorganized.
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