Reading other mail accounts through GMail

Wednesday, July 11, 2007 at 8:17 | Posted in e-mail, internet, spam | Leave a comment

I have had a domain,, for several years to keep my stuff accessible from blogs and other sites. I never meant to use the e-mail accounts attached to that domain as my primary mail address but I used larko[at] quite a lot before I was one of the first users invited to GMail by Google. Now the inbox mainly collects spam but I occasionally receive valid mail there from people who may have the old address left from the old times.

In order to get hold of the proper mail, I have hitherto had to access the account by webmail to keep it getting jammed altogether by spam. The spam filters provided by the ISP are not very efficient and they would require quite a lot of manual configurations. Thus, I have not wanted to let my mail client check out that mail account as I would end up getting the load of spam in my hard drive.

This morning I read this nice hint by Oliver about letting GMail collect the mail from services outside Google. I logged in to my GMail account and went to Settings/Accounts. I then added the account larko[at] to be read by GMail in POP. I entered the details of the mail server, user ID and password and instructed Gmail not to leave the letters at the mail server.

The cool part of this is that GMail’s spam filters comb through all the letters they fetch from so only valid mail ends up to my inbox. It could also be archived direct but I opted to let GMail automatically label the messages as “”. I could also have chosen to send mail under larko[at] but I did not think that was necessary. When I choose to reply a message, the person may just as well get to know my GMail address.

Now my Thunderbird brings all the good mail to my computer leaving the spam in GMail’s spam folder. The Gmail pop client also empties the inbox of larko[at] without me having to lift a finger. Ergo, that inbox is never again going to get jammed and I get my mail instantly and properly filtered.

Thanks, Oliver, for the good hint! I may even try this on my account, the first e-mail address that I ever had. I let the modest limit of 10 MB be exhausted some time ago but I still sometimes get good mail to that inbox as well.


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