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Friday, July 20, 2007 at 18:42 | Posted in Blogosphere, crime, internet, WordPress | 3 Comments

I just noticed another incident of blog contents theft. This blog post I wrote in December 2006 has been copied and pasted into No permission asked, not even a reference to the source. All of the “blog” seems to be stolen contents pepped up with Google ads, of course.

A WHOIS inquiry shows that the domain was registered just a few days ago and they are already busy steeling food from bloggers’ tables. The registrant organisation looks something like this 上海澳凯信息技术有限公司 and the registrant name is 徐光寅. I guess that would make it somewhat difficult to sue them.

My constructive suggestion (i.e. freedbacking) to the team is to block these contents thieves from access to blogs. My constructive suggestion to 徐光寅 would be to stop steeling my contents at once. Also, send me all your money and an I owe you where I can fill in the numbers.


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  1. Did anything every come about from this post (i.e., did WP block them)? Actually, I have the answer to that question, as just stole something off our blog, too. What did you ever do about it, if anything?

  2. Ybonesy, it is too early to tell, I just posted about it for 24 hours ago. In this case there is just so little I could do other than wait and see what is going to happen. The more they keep steeling, that much more people they are pound to piss off and eventually they will get blocked allover. And then they just start it allover again under another IP and domain. 😦

  3. A new fraud on the Internet

    A new fraud on the Internet

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