A junk mayor

Tuesday, July 24, 2007 at 18:11 | Posted in Canada, Environment, odd | Leave a comment

St. John’s mayor Andy Wells landed on my radar in April last year as I heard a recording of the mayor bulling Councillor Shannie Duff at a city councel meeting. Although Mayor Wells apologized (sort of) a couple of days later, he did not convince me about his sincere repent. It looks like I was right since the CBC now reports about another incident of Andy Wells using abusive language about a fellow councillor.

Councillor Keith Coombs was expressing the environmentally responsible opinion that pesticides should not be allowed for home use which prompted the mayor to make this statement:

“Your problem is that you’re a junk scientist,” Wells yelled at Coombs. “You’re like David Suzuki and Al Gore — you’re a junk scientist.”

He then went on to show his outstanding scientific standards by praising the long ago banned poison DDT:

As well, Wells says an all-out ban on DDT — the notorious insecticide identified decades ago for harmful effects on food — was a mistake. Some agencies, including the World Health Organization, are advocating for restricted indoor use of DDT to kill mosquitoes and prevent malaria.

“The worst thing ever done to the poor people in the world was to ban DDT,” Wells said.

Baring in mind the recorded incidents of foul language usage by Andy Wells, I am sure he does not mind that I take the liberty of calling him a junk mayor who should not be re-elected. The citizens of St. John’s should be ashamed to have him as their mayor.


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