CNN YouTube presidential debate

Tuesday, July 24, 2007 at 19:22 | Posted in Election, internet, Media, Politics, USA, web 2.0., youtube | 2 Comments

The Washington Post is running a summary of the CNN YouTube presidential debate last night in Charleston. That sentence just about sums it up: reading a summary at the web site of a major newspaper is web 1.0 while watching the questions and answers at YouTube site is web 2.0. Not to mention the option of posting a video comment of your own.

The very concept of the debate was web 2.0 at its best. The questions to candidates were chosen among video posts by YouTube users. I briefly considered posting one myself but dropped it as I am pretty sure that an overseas non US citizen’s question would not have passed the selection. I sometimes half seriously say that the election of the US president should not be trusted to American citizens alone as whoever is occupying the presidency has a lot of power over the life of everybody on this Earth.

So I watched most of those questions and answers and found it to be better political entertainment than traditional electoral debates. The word “entertainment” should be underlined here because as a voter I look at the candidates’ record rather than their verbal capabilities on screen, be it TV or computer.

My absolute favorite among the questions was the one about minimum wages: Would you agree to be paid the minimum wage? Most of the answers sounded less than credible, though.



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