Convicted for wanking

Friday, July 27, 2007 at 19:22 | Posted in crime, odd, USA | 14 Comments

Terry Lee Alexander, 20, of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, is serving a ten year sentence for armed robbery in Broward County, Florida. He got his sentence topped up with another 60 days as a court of law found him guilty of the horrible crime of wanking in his cell, the Guardian writes.

The incident was reported by sherrif’s office deputy Coryus Veal who seems to have a crunch on wanking inmates. She has reported seven cases of wanking inmates earlier.

Ms Veal, who has charged seven other inmates with the same offence, said she was not against masturbation, but she objected to Alexander performing it so blatantly. She told the court that most inmates masturbated in bed, under the blankets.

The deputy said it was the third time she had caught Alexander masturbating, and she had had enough.

Maybe that was the problem. In the old days when wanking was considered as a dreadful sin kids were told to keep their hands on the blanket and under no circumstances let them glide under it. The jury did not buy defense lawyer Kathleen McHugh’s arguments that a cell is a private area and there is nothing wrong in wanking.

“Did other inmates start masturbating because of Mr Alexander?” Ms McHugh asked Ms Veal. “Did you call a Swat team?”

“I wish I had,” the deputy replied.

Commenting the case after the verdict, a member of the jury, David Sherman, said the case was “straight forward”:

Mr Sherman said jurors determined that a prison cell, which was owned and operated by the government, was neither public nor private but was a “limited access public place’.’

It is the official view of this blog that masturbating is a human right. Inmates in custody should be provided opportunities to exercise their their right to wank without surveillance of prison personnel who have a record of being trigger happy to bust wankers.

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  1. best part of the Guardian article:

    “Ms McHugh asked the 17 prospective jurors who among them had never masturbated. No hands went up.”

    isn’t the jury under oath or something? because most of them lied here.

  2. … darn, it says “NEVER” there. sorry, posted before I read. well, that makes the point better.

  3. Jaanus, the point is valid no matter which way. It goes to show that the trial was pointless.

  4. My uncle left Malaysia in the 1970s. He graduated from MIT and did his PhD in Yale on computer science. I dare say, that was when computer science era just starting.

    He was a very patriotic man, a scout graduated from Royal Military College. He came back to Malaysia after his PhD to serve this country. Looked for a job in University Malaya. They told him point blank, we have openings, but it is only for bumi.

    He left for greener pastures in United States. Has been a US citizen for a few decades now. He has contributed widely to the field of computer science and is still doing so.

    He never forgave Malaysia for turning their backs to him. And I guess he never will.

  5. Who wants to stay home and serve here where meritocracy gives way to racial preference? I am a two-time graduate in University Malaya (masters and bachelors degree) and I used to hope that my children could enter a local university someday.

    But with sliding university ranking and invisible barriers to keep non-malay students away, I have changed my mind. If I have the opportunity and money avails itself, I will send my children to overseas universities and ask them to emigrate there. We can rot and die here, but not the children.

    This brain drain is not a problem to Umno at all. In fact, Umno is happy to see more and more of our talents leaving. Their power base will then be more secure.

    All this started with Dr Mahathir. He believed that a half competent malay was better than a fully competent non-malay to serve the nation. This is clearly reflected in the progressive exclusion of non-malays from teaching profession academia, public service and other areas in the public sector as well GLCs since the early 1980s.

    During Dr Mahathir’s ethnic cleansing of the Malaysia public service, thousands of qualified non-malays left the country for Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Such departure was view positively by Dr Mahathir – it meant that there were more positions available for malays. That short-term thinking has had dire consequences.

    During the regional economic boom of 1990s, Malaysia prospered. There was plenty of money. Incompetence and corruption did not matter – a failure could always be rectified through bailout; high costs (e.g. Proton) could always be neutralised through subsidies (for export) or higher prices (for local consumption).

    The scenario today is different. Competition is stiff. Newcomers such as Vietnam are breathing down our neck. Giants (India and China) have awakened and are marching unimpeded.

    Malaysia needs to exploit all its resources to meet the global challenge. Ignoring 40% of its most valuable resource (e.g. human capital – Indians, Chinese and East Malaysians) is no way to meet the challenge.

    Badawi needs to put in place a policy for exploiting the most valuable resource Malaysia has – its people, including the Indians, Chinese and others. Otherwise, this resource will move away to the competitors of Malaysia.

    If deployed properly, the talents will be a source of competitive advantage. If not deployed appropriately, the talents will become a source of relative competitive disadvantage for Malaysia when they end up in other countries.

    Majority of the non-malays work in multinational companies. With the rate our government and GLCs pissing off these MNCs! These MNCs are moving out of Malaysia.

    Get real! Why majority of the non-malays don’t work inside GLCs? What do you think they would do when these MNCs are gone? Work in GLCs or emigrate outside Malaysia?

    Some of my friends are always skeptical of Singapore.

    Of course, Singapore intention is to protect their own interests (isn’t what a government is for) – talented people are very mobile nowadays. Singapore also encounters brain drain to the West (US, EU, Australia), so they need new talents to come in.

    They prefer Malaysians, as there are cultural ties – easy to adapt to the environment (multiracialism, language, weather, etc), like their Mr Everest climbers.

    But they also welcome white mans, Thais, Indians, and Hong Kong Chinese too etc. Just take a MRT ride or go to the housing estate – you see many foreigners (not the illegal immigrant type).

    We have our own national interests and should protect it, but we have more outflow of talent than inflow. Just see how we treat the economist who had a different method of calculating the bumi ratio of the economy – how to attract talent?

    Some of my Malaysian friends have been offered citizenship and a few have accepted……….so those talents not going back to Malaysia.

    Singapore is following US policy, US still attracted the best brains from all over the world regardless of color, check out the composition of employment in term of nationality in Silicon Valley and Nasa, you will know why it succeed, America is land of immigrants.

    Umno policy is that if Umno cannot have it no other Malaysian should have it. Umno prefers a Mat Salleh (because that is a temporary situation) to have it rather than any other non-Umno Malaysian to have it.

    I have been advising my relatives and friends for a long time since years ago – to encourage their children to apply for a Singapore scholarship to attend a university in Singapore even it that means she/he has to serve Singapore for 10 years.

    At least, that will provide him for the future. So what is 10 years! He is free to utilise his talent as he pleases after that 10 years. I have 3 nephews who got Singapore scholarships, then served the Singapore government and are now working and being successful in Hong Kong and America.

    They are heads of multinational companies. They will never be allowed to succeed in Malaysia because there is identification of race with jobs. All jobs even slightly, connected with the Umno government must have malay employees. That is the new NEP.

    Dear Malaysians, I don’t understand why the brains should not leave this country. The malays are definitely feel threaten by these brains, so we rather let them leave the country.

    Malaysia pays peanuts and racially biased! That is why! Simple as that! Go to England, Australia and even the US hospitals and take a count of how many Malaysian born doctors are there, good doctors, man!

    I traveled the world over and have lived in UK, Australia and the US. I have talked and met to these doctors. They not being unpatriotic, it is the Malaysia that is not doing the right thing!

    I think Singapore should attack Malaysia and expand its territory to southern Johor. All the Indians and Chinese should migrate to southern Johor, and together with Singapore, forms a new Singapore.

    Ex-Malaysians in exiles like myself will support this feasible plan. I am sure millions of overseas and mainland Chinese and Indians are excited about my suggestion.

    When all the Muslim brothers from Uganda, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nigeria, Indonesia etc etc, become bumis, and enjoy the handout from NEP, there will be the day when the malays realize that they are being marginalize by its own Umno policy.

    You can start counting the increasing numbers of Mamak in politics!

    In Malaysia, we Malaysian Chinese just need to compete with fellow Malaysians only (where mostly lazy people). Easy to become rich as – we are governed by stupid and lazy people.

    We can easily own several houses, luxury condos, own a bungalow at good location, and own and drive luxury cars in Malaysia.

    In Singapore, not so easy, we have to compete with Singapore Chinese, Hong Kong Chinese, China Chinese and Taiwan Chinese. Not easy to become rich as Singapore government too smart.

    Malaysia will continue to lose its talents not only to Singapore, and other countries but the Umno malays don’t give a damn. Their thinking is so long as the malays benefit, the country can go to the pigs and dogs.

    They hold the entrenched view that it is better for Malaysia to be another Zimbabwe or Nepal if being in the ranks of Singapore and Japan means malays losing out to the others.

    Lim Keng Yaik said recently that Singapore was a small country, so it was easily to govern. In fact, it is not so. Because of its size, it lacks most of the factors of production that we learn in economics.

    Land is scarce, and its domestic market is small. However, it recognises that what it has is its labours. No wonder that it is wooing all the brains from Malaysia, since Malaysia does not appreciate them.

    Instead, Malaysia seems to be attracting the top criminals as shown by the sharp increase in crime rate. Malaysia with its oil, tin, rubber, oil palm etc, will not forever be able to beat a small country like Singapore because of its incompetent leaders and their cronies who are only interested in their own pockets.

    Before the NEP, UM was one of the top universities in the world. After the NEP, it has become trash because it rejects the best minds. The only pro of NEP is if you are in Umno or a friend of theirs.

    All the Singaporeans I have met were very nice to me and treat me like one of theirs. We are the same people and I am always in favour of reunification with Singapore.

  6. Malaysia only hits the world’s headlines when something goes wrong.

    Nothing unusual there. Malaysia is regarded as a rogue state and whenever Malaysia is mentioned, it is always alongside countries which are corrupt and backward.

    More recently, also a hotbed or a haven for radical Islam.

  7. I just feel ashamed when every time I am carrying a Malaysian passport to travel to other country especially western country like Australia and US. This is due to our government policies about anti westerner and look down on the developing country like China, India and Vietnam is coming on this way.

    In fact I would say, I am not in the group of Malaysians who are support our government, I do hate the government, sometimes I am thinking in my mind that whenever I will travel, I wish just to tell the people that I hate my government or just simply tell that I am from Singapore or even China is better still than telling them that I am from Malaysia.

    Our country diplomatists are sucks, because our government are too proud of themselves, I don’t know what is the thing that make them so proud?

    Is that just because our minister always thought that they are far more richer than the minister or senator from other country, because our money is their money and their money does not belong to us!

    But God sake, I am from Penang, I am really proud to be, because every time being ask about my place of origin, I would rather tell them I am from Penang, but not Malaysia, then you will hear some compliment from their speak.

    If any of time I tell them that I am from Malaysia, then expect to hear “Oh, nice to meet you, I see you later” that is it, no more.

  8. Malaysia under Umno was, is and will forever be a basket case. What we see now as development and progress are merely internal consumption.

    Unless the government commits to real change and wiping out of the current rot in Umno, Malaysia is slowly but surely spiraling downwards towards being a pariah country.

  9. Lee Kuan Yew said recently the relationship between Malaysia and Singapore has not always been smooth sailing, and so investing in the Iskandar Development Region (IDR) may not always be smooth sailing for Singaporean companies.

    This is simply a statement of fact that nevertheless appears to have gotten local Umno leaders into a tizzy.

    Every local Umno politician hopes to be in a position to be approving investment flows into the country because to stand as gatekeeper is a very lucrative position, and when public squabbles erupt between Umno politicians about who is the better “protector of malay privileges and rights”, it usually means someone just wants a bigger cut of the investment action for himself.

    Go figure that one.

    Of course, the relationship between Malaysia and Singapore is special because of the race relations issue.

    Singapore has been the favourite whipping boy of the Umno-controlled malay vernacular press for the last 50 years, and if anything are seen as even bigger devils than the local Chinese and Indian citizens of Malaysia in the eyes of Malaysia’s malay Muslims.

    The fact is Singapore’s development model has meant that Singapore’s malays are far better educated, far better equipped, far better paid, far more self-confident, and self-reliant to deal with globalisation than malay Muslims in Malaysia.

    This makes Ketuanan Melayu, the malay Agenda, and the NEP look like failed racist apartheid policies that have impoverished everyone except Umno cronies. Of course, Umno must demonise Singapore to maintain the illusion that Umno politicians are nationalists and not parasites, and more so if Singapore happens to be better educated, meritocratic, richer, and safer than Malaysia.

    Malay Muslims in Malaysia have been brainwashed by Umno for the last 50 years into thinking that the Chinese and Indians both Malaysians and Singaporeans have gotten rich at their expense, and this perception probably won’t change anytime soon because Umno does not have another elections winning formula if it dumps the present demonisation formulas.

    Every time Singapore’s first world achievements are compared with the sluggish technological, competitiveness, economic, educational, professional, scientific, and social standard in apartheid Malaysia, there is the predictable keris waving, baying for blood, and frothing at the mouth in every Umno up and down the country in Malaysia

    Although Chinese and Indian Malaysians have simply accepted the gross racial discrimination in business, education, and job as a fact of life in Malaysia, the non-apartheid non-NEP meritocratic Singaporean mindset may not have the stomach for this particular type of nonsense in the IDR.

    I think Lee Kuan Yew is way too smart to think the demonisation process of the Chinese and Indians in the Umno-controlled malay vernacular press is going to stop anytime soon. How else is Umno going to win elections except by continuing to perpetrate the lie that the orang asing minorities in Malaysia are a threat to the malays?

    Nevertheless Lee Kuan Yew may be hoping Chinese and Indian Singaporean investors will not be discriminated against in the IDR in comparison with investors from countries like China, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and United States.

    In the meantime, I am sure it will simply be business as usual for the rest of us in racial and religious apartheid Malaysia.

  10. Yes, which Islamic country in the world today is strong in technology science, R&D, literature, etc?

    The answer is a big NONE!

    Drop Islam and malays would be a better race!

  11. From those who already exited ~ Good riddance to bad Barisan governance.

    At that time – Good people emigrated. Bad rubbish stayed to rubbish the country. Imagine if more good people emigrate. The country will become a rubbish dump.

    The criminals had achieved their objectives to drive away, not only decent, good, hardworking and talented people, but also foreign investors and tourists which the country rely upon to create job and wealth.

    This is entirely true. Most of the Chinese professionals I know are selling their businesses and properties in preparation of the big exodus. It may happen next year or after 2008 depending on the results of the next election. The decision would be easy – if Badawi stays, we go. Period.

    A time when Malaysians make their exit, we have scores of illegal immigrants coming in and getting easy PR. Conclusion, a truly half past six country in the making. Bunch of traitors selling their country for a fast gain.

    Countries that attract and retain the most talented people prosper and surge ahead in the economic race. The losing ones grounded bitterly and blame everyone else except themselves. Sad to say, we are in the later category.

    From being better than Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and many more, we are now nowhere near these countries level. Notice our substandard leaders now only compare Malaysia to developing countries? Looks like very soon we cannot even compare to a country like Vietnam.

    What losing means to ordinary Malaysians? We have to pay much higher proportion of our income for almost everything; food, petrol, toll, etc. That is reality! Not a state of mind.

    People emigrate for numerous reasons under various categories for emigration – business, family reunion, skills including chef and plumber, and etc.

    The present circumstances are mainly due to criminals inciting hatred and violence, racial and religious intolerance, and the lost of confidence and trust in the government to promptly tackle gross abuses and excesses, rampant corruption and turn the country around.

    The fact that people emigrate for the above reasons speaks volume of the government failure to take proper care of the country and its decent and hardworking ordinary people.

    Malaysia is indeed a hopeless nation, I would be glad if Malaya is to continue under the British rule. This leader of us is really pushing the country down day by day, you could read in the news that (looting) and I have never heard of this when we were ruled by the British.

    I am going to hand over my blue IC today, is a shame to hold one.

    “Good riddance to bad rubbish” indeed, but I believe it is the exodus groups who will be saying it to the lame government!

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  14. When I was in prison I would masturbate often. I was 39 when I went in and I was in for robery until my 47th birthday. I missed regular sex. My wife who was 20 years younger than me would bring me sexy pictures of herself and also magazines of girls who I liked, like Emily Scott and Nicola McLean. It passed the time. It was a treat. Nice set of tits made my day. WHat’s wrong with having a wank? It’s not illegal.

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