Shooting arrows at a bear?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 at 3:33 | Posted in Germany | 1 Comment

Germans seem to have a sensitive relationship with bears. Last summer there was a public outcry because a bear nicknamed as Bruno was shot on orders of the Bavarian government. This spring most of Germany adored a baby polar bear called Knut who is allegedly blogging from the Berlin Zoo. In the most recent entry, Knut complains about having to bathe every day in summer time.

A summer would not have been a summer at all without another bear story reported from Germany. The police in the south western German town of Titisee-Neustadt were alerted by a hiker who reported having seen a wild bear in a forest. However, the bear turned out to be fake, according to Spiegel Online International. Spiegel quotes Titisee-Neustadt police department spokesman Dieter Klipfel as saying:

The bear turned out to be a lifesize replica positioned in a field as a target for the local archery club, which had received special permission to place him there, Klipfel said.

“Thank God we didn’t shoot him,” said Klipfel.

That is funny. I did not know that the German police are armed with bows and arrows.


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