Manitoba footballers banned to swear

Friday, August 3, 2007 at 2:02 | Posted in Canada, football, odd | Leave a comment

Football is a great game. In addition to the game itself, FIFA and its member associations have made an effort to promote values like fair play as well as stood up against racism on and around the pitches. The global football community is thus making a contribution to creating a better World.

All of this is wonderful but I wonder how long it is possible or even sensible to go in educating footballers. The Manitoba Soccer Association seems to have gotten the idea of fighting what they regard as “foul language” on the pitch. As the CBC reports, any player heard swearing on the pitch will get an instant red card in all games sanctioned by the MSA. The association officials say this is necessary to “improve the game’s image”.

Banning words regarded as foul regardless of the context in which they are spoken does not sound very smart. Who is to say anyway what kind of language is foul? In a worse case players may use hitherto innocent substitute words to go around the swearing ban and thus have a polluting effect on language as a whole.

In an average football game nothing said on the pitch can be heard by the spectators. Which brings me to another point: whom does it harm if a player frustrated after missing a penalty swears his/her own misfortune? Are the Manitoba referees not experienced enough to have heard all sorts of expressions?

So my fucking message to the Manitoba Soccer Association is to cut the crap and get the hell out of making themselves look like bloody morons.


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