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Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at 20:52 | Posted in entertainment, funny, internet, video, youtube | Leave a comment

I recently wrote about cultural differences between British and German armed forces in context of video footage of off duty recreation of soldiers on a mission in the wide World. I was wondering if the German Bundeswehr are just lacking any sense of humor or if they have a completely different understanding of transparency. The British Army also seems to be better in understanding that not only does this sort of footage in the web boost the moral of the troops, it also serves as free PR for the military.

The British Army may be supportive of these recreational activities, either openly or unofficially, but the US Navy seems to have a full hearted policy of not only encouraging but also providing resources for the activities. Just imagine what the cost must have been for producing this VAW-116 Hawkeye Squadron version of Hey Ya on board USS Abraham Lincoln:

I would say that the money and effort is well spent. More than 600.000 views at YouTube and over 3500 users bookmarking the clip within 11 months would be honoring for any commercial project produced at a considerably higher cost. As I read in Stoi Bär Blog, the clip has even been run in US TV.

Blog-abfertigung has more footage produced by US Navy units.

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