You owe the copyright lobby

Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at 3:09 | Posted in Bureaucracy, computer, copyright, Germany | 3 Comments

If you are reading this blog post, you probably possess a computer with a hard drive. There are, of course, also other ways to connect to the Internet but most of us still use a regular computer. Did you know that your computer is a device which is typically intended for recording copyrighted films and you should accordingly pay the copyright owners for the privilege of having a computer?

That seems to be the reasoning behind a ruling of the German patent officials. The story, as reported by (via Farliblog) has it that computer manufacturers should retroactively as from 2002 pay a compensation of 15 € for each computer with a hard drive they sold.

I for one have had about half a dozen computers since 2002 but I have never used any of them as a substitute of a DVD recorder. There are typically other purposes I use my computers for. Or as Farlion puts it, you could just as well argue that the most logical purpose of a piece of paper would be writing down the contents of copyrighted books.



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  1. Bizarre logic, yes.

  2. That kind of reasoning would open a Pandora’s box if it were to stand. You could argue that I should pay my power company a compensation for their lost revenue if I light a candle for a romantic dinner at home. 🙂

  3. Die neue Abgabewelle – Was als nächstes?

    Letzte Woche berichtet unter anderem Farli über eine neue Abgabe, die die PC-Hersteller rückwirkend bis 2002 bezahlen müssen und beruft sich dabei auf Golem und die FTD: Es geht dabei um eine Pauschale von 15 € für jede in einen PC eingebaute fes…

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