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Saturday, August 25, 2007 at 21:44 | Posted in Germany, health, internet, video | 1 Comment
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This video features an addicted kid trying to access a web game. I think it is definitely an understatement to entitle the clip Angry German Kid. If he is acting as suggested in some comments the performance should be nominated for a Tube Oscar.

I do not think it matters much whether this particular kid is acting or if he genuinely has a serious mental problem. The point is that there are people allover with a mental handicap. But as Farlion wrote for a few months ago, banning the killer games, as suggested by prominent politicians in Germany, is not a solution because what we are looking at is not the cause of the problem but a consequence.

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  1. Great video! Kinda funny, I laughed 🙂 but I think it’s fake. First of all, I know guys like him that are totally into Unreal, EQ, World of Warcraft and one thing you don’t do is trash your keyboard because that’s a vital part of your ‘control’ system, you treasure it more than anything! Second, there is a webcam pointed at him which is most likely connected to the computer he is looking at (he can see himself on the monitor), and third and foremost the acting is kinda setup I think, almost like he wants to be funny and retarded for the camera. Who knows, that’s just my opinion. Hell, if he really is doing this for real and there is actually a hidden camera pointed to him this video seems ‘Unreal’ 😛

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