Malaysia revisited (virtually)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007 at 2:50 | Posted in malaysia | Leave a comment

As Reuters reports, the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board in Kuala Lumpur has adopted a roll as a fashion police of some sort. They are imposing a strict dress code on Kuala Lumpur’s taxi drivers. The cabbies are supposed to wear white shirts, dark trousers and black shoes.

Drivers caught with a wrong color of shirt or shoes or not wearing socks while driving have to pay a fine of 100-300 ringgit ($29-$86). That could be as much as three days’ earnings for an average cabby. Most taxi drivers are furious about the dress code, some of them even desperate. One driver is reported to have burst in tears after being ticketed for 200 ringgit.

On other news, Malaysia celebrated her 50th Independence Day (Hari Merdeka) on 31st August (which incidentally makes me three days older than Malaysia). Not all Malaysians are happy to celebrate Merdeka in a multi racial country governed by a coalition of parties based on race. For those interested in developments I recommend Susan Loone’s blog and in particular her latest post a few days before Merdeka.

For those concerned of the literally non existing press freedom in Malaysia and intimidating actions against bloggers in particular, may I refer to my own post in July?

Edit: I just posted a review of Susan Loone’s blog at


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